8 Salettinians pass LECPA, ULS ranks 5 in region 2

University of La Salette, Inc. produces eight passers during May 2023 Licensure Examination for Certified Public Accountants, four fresh graduates and four from previous batches.

Mylles Agnes, Mike Julius De Leon, Famela Joice Ruiz, Abigail Marrieh Viray, Shaira Ramirez, Kathrine Mae Calangan, Riyel Paguyo, and Mark Elvin Romanillos make ULS garner fifth place in regional standing with 34.78% university passing rate, 30.36% national passing rate.

“Right now, I am still in cloud nine because from all that I have done, from all the tears that I have wept, and from all the hardworks that I have put into, all were worth it,” De Leon said.

He expressed that as LECPA results came out, there were mixed emotions because his thought of achieving CPA title that he wished for several years has finally come true through.

The College of Accountancy also celebrates victory amidst transition from electronic modes of learning to traditional one, brought by Coronavirus disease pandemic.

“To all the recent LECPA passers, I say, ‘You did a great job!’ The Licensure Examination for Certified Public Accountants is one, if not the toughest, of all professional examinations in the Philippines,” College Dean Ruperto Jose Mateo said.

Mateo also expressed that passers have hurdled well the changes and challenges brought about by the CoViD-19 pandemic.

He salutes them for holding on and taking care of their mental health, and tells them that their efforts to make up for their learning losses have paid off, as he wishes them more learning opportunities in their future endeavors.

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