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  • Juris Doctor (Bachelor of Laws)


The College of Law of University of La Salette, Inc. offer four year undergraduate program leading to a Juris Doctor (J.D) degree.


The College of Law seeks to contribute to the development of the quality of the legal system, by producing lawyers who are not only knowledgeable of the law but are also professionally and ethically responsible to promote public interest and protection of human rights.


Within the framework of the basic commitment of University of La Salette to Christian Faith, The College of Law specially aims to:

  1. Form, transform and empower competent and compassionate Christian Lawyers, who:
  2. Believe in the Salettinian philosophy of “fullness of Life Christ” (John 10:10);
  3. Are sensitive to the needs of others, particularly those who belong to the marginalized sectors of the society. Have
  4. Are self-disciplined, principled persons of conviction, with a deep sense of social awareness, which urges them to work for the establishment of a just, equitable and reconciled human order; and
  5. Hold in their person deep respect human rights and care for the natural environment.
  6. Form competent Christian Lawyers who will have preferential option for the underprivileged and underserved, and who will living witnesses and epitomes of Christian values, particularly the values of peace, justice and reconciliation;
  7. Equip law students with the necessary conceptual, technical and human skills with which to productively address crucial legal needs of their future clientele, with a high degree of articulation, creativity and critical thinking:
  8. Empower the would-be Salettinian lawyers with all the necessary learning experiences, so as to develop them into:
  9. Outstanding Christian leaders and mature individuals, who are fully equipped with skills, competencies and human values; and
  10. Self-directed persons and effective professionals, who will contribute their share to nation-building, as they will address societal problems, issues and concerns in defense of the rights of their fellowmen and protection of the environment.


            The basic law program through the revised model curriculum shall produce graduates who are professionally competent, practice-ready, active, self-directed and lifelong learners, responsible, highly ethical, honorable, socially mindful, and gender sensitive; willing leaders and servants; and, thinkers and innovators in law. This goal is without prejudice to academic freedom of LEI’s to enhance their program design. (LEBMO No. 24, Series of 2021, Section 5)