In keeping with its Philosophy, Vision and Mission, La Salette professes the following institutional objectives:

  1. To foster a reconciled and reconciling community through spiritual upliftment programs and liturgical activities.
  2. To sustain the quality assured education of the university through institutional and program accreditations, professional certification, and compliance with international standards for curricular programs and university management.
  3. To provide accessible education through various modalities of learning.
  4. To lead the academic community with strategic and transformative competencies in realizing the Vision, Mission and La Salette Philosophy of Education.
  5. To develop and implement transformative teaching and learning experience through critical approach and values-based integration.
  6. To undertake research on various disciplines and generate new knowledge needed for the advancement of the university as well as for the national development.
  7. To realize ICT oriented learning by establishing the monitoring system to collect and review information needed to manage an organization or on-going activities of the university.
  8. To provide industry experience through on-the-job-trainings, exposures, internship, immersion programs and linkages.
  9. To provide a holistic curriculum that integrates instruction, extension, research, ICT, industry experience for both students and faculty.
  10. To adopt an interdisciplinary approach by enhancing the institution’s interest in the understanding of the cultural reproduction and social integration and in spiritual and moral formation