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The EDUCATIONAL MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM (EMIS) is one of the offices under the office of the president.

EMIS is an integrated human and computer based process for providing all the information needed to support all the activities of the education department including management, planning and decision making.

EMIS is a Management Support Service and, it supports different users of education.

Educational Management Information System is organized that collect information and documentation service that collects, stores, processes analyzes and disseminates information educational planning and management.

With the objective to:

  • improve the procedures in data gathering, processing storage, analysis and supply of educational management information that administrators can avail themselves of reliable and timely data
  • facilitate and promote the use of relevant information for various departments/offices for effective educational planning, implementation and management
  • streamline the flow of information by reducing and eliminating duplications as well as filling information gaps
  • provides Managers with information and support for effective decision making and provides feedback for the operation of the organization
  • prepare report of information to the users in the form of reports. Output or reports are usually generated through accumulation of transaction processing data .EMIS is a tool for:
  • Data
  • Collection
  • Storage
  • Integration
  • Analysis
  • Dissemination

    Specifically designed for use by planners and administrators to plan and administer education system more efficiently and effectively.

    Jose Sabaulan, MBM, MSIT, AFBE
    EMIS Director