Grade School

La Salette Philosophy of Education

La Salette Education is an-on going process of growth in freedom and in fullness of being prepared for, lived and experienced by the entire school community, realized in the reconciliation and integration of Filipino Cultural Values and those of Jesus Christ who came so that “they may have life and have it to the full”. (John 10:10)


A community living in freedom and in fullness of being, fully reconciled with self, others nature and God.


The University of La Salette Grade School Department pledges to provide a culture of excellence that permeates in the community of young Christians responsive to socio-economic, cultural and political concerns of the times, globally competitive and deeply rooted in the Salettinian spirituality of Reconciliation.

IDENTITY: La Salette School System is a community of Catholic Schools called to evangelize the young in the spirit of Our Lady of La Salette’s message of Reconciliation.

CORE PURPOSE: To provide excellent Catholic education to enable the young to attain “fullness of life”. (John 10:10)


  • Mary’s Fiat- Obedience, humble submission and commitment to respond wholeheartedly to God’s call.
  • Penance, Prayer and Zeal-  Making God as the center of one’s life; constantly renewing one’s relationship with Him, others and all creation; assiduously living one’s faith.
  • Excellence- Going beyond mere compliance; doing everything in the best way possible providing no room for mediocrity.
  • Solidarity- Being in communion with members of God’s family in building a world where every person lives in dignity.
  • Stewardship- Responsible care and prudent use of all resources.


● Grade I to Grade VI
Pre-School Education
● Senior Kindergarten
● Junior Kindergarten
● Nursery