Having finished their academic degree at the University of La Salette, the graduates are expected to become:

Transformative Leaders.  Active involvement in their respective community and organization by championing the Salettinian ideals.

Reconcilers.  Continue to communicate their Salettinian identity and culture through active involvements in the evangelizing ministry of reconciliation in their local communities, work-places and in social organizations.

Industry Competent.  Demonstrate their readiness in the arena of and qualification for employment through the established link between theoretical aspect of the curriculum and its practical dimension as a result of their on-the-job trainings, exposures, internship, immersion programs and linkages with relevant industries or workplaces.

Research-Oriented.  Keep abreast with current developments and trends in all relevant technical/professional knowledge areas for successful adaptation to a changing and complex world through continuing engagement in research projects to contribute to the humanization of the world in general, and to the reconciling effects on their relationships with God, with fellow human beings, with society and with nature.

Information and Communication Technology Proficient. Demonstrate contemporary skills applications as they offer innovative solutions in work situations through the employment of new technology and new ways of communication.

Critical Thinkers.  Engage themselves in critical reflection and communicative discourses on uncritically assimilated assumptions, beliefs, value-system and diverse perspectives that need to be collaboratively addressed for an emancipatory and integral process of human growth and community building.

Holistic Persons.  Demonstrate through their attitude, behavior and engagement a synthesis of faith and lived experience, of faith and science; synthesis of cognitive, affective and behavioral aspects of learning; synthesis of cultural and global concerns, and a synthesis of curricular and co-curricular programs.