Equipping Future Educators: PAFTE, RCAS, ULS Collaborate with CHED-Region 2 for Students Mental and Well-Being Webinar Series

Over 17 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) participated in a webinar focusing on preparing future teachers to nurture student mental and well-being on May 21, 2024. The event was a collaborative effort of ULS, Inc., the Philippine Association for Teachers and Educators (PAFTE) Region 2 chapter, the Regional Council for Arts and Sciences (RCAS), and the Commission on Higher Education – Region 2.

The seminar commenced with a welcome address from Madeilyn B. Estacio, Phd, who holds positions including National Board Director for PAFTE, Regional Council for Arts and Sciences (Region 2) President, and Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University of La Salette, Inc., highlighted the importance of teacher preparedness in addressing student’s mental health concerns.

Following Dr. Estacio’s remarks, Almacita P. Abrigo, PhD, a Chief Education Program Specialist, delivered a keynote address that set the stage for the seminar’s focus. Dr. Abrigo’s expertise provided valuable insights into the current landscape of student mental health in educational settings.

The seminar delved into key topics with presentations by mental health professionals. Jhoana Marie M. Guitering, RPm, RPsy, MOP, led a session on “Recognizing and Responding to Mental Health Concerns,” equipping future teachers with tools to identify potential issues in students. John Noel E. Fermin, PPm, RGC, MAGC, set forth on “Understanding and Addressing Anxiety in the Classroom,” providing strategies to create a supportive learning environment and manage student anxiety.

The webinar concluded with closing remarks by Lilia D. Antonio, PhD., Chairperson of PAFTE Region 2 and Dean of the College of Teacher Education of the University of La Salette, Inc. She championed prioritizing student mental wellness by advocating for strengthened institutional objectives, including training educators to address students’ mental health and well-being concerns.

This collaborative effort underscores the growing recognition of the importance of student mental health in educational institutions. By equipping future educators with the necessary skills and knowledge, this seminar paves the way for a more supportive and well-rounded learning environment for students.

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