Procedure of online enrolment through the ONLINE SIAS


1. Visit the website
2. Click “CONNECT” then “ONLINE SIAS.”
3. Click “STUDENT
4. Log-in your USER ID and PASSWORD. The USER ID is your STUDENT NUMBER (Note. In case you forgot your password, send e-mail to
5. At the ONLINE SIAS menu, click “TRANSACTION.”
6. Click ENROLMENT”. Courses to be enrolled will be displayed
7. Click “AUTO”. Courses with the class schedule will be displayed in assess column (Note. If no schedule appears in any of the courses, click the said course and select among the schedule listed in the schedule area.)
8. When the schedule of courses is finalized, click “ASSESS”. The assessment of fees will appear.
9. Make payment through bank deposit at:

Security Bank Corporation – Santiago City Branch
Account Name: University of La Salette, Inc
Account Number: 0691-01359-2001
Land Bank of the Philippines – Santiago City Branch
Account Name: University of La Salette, Inc
Account Number : 1362002555

10. Send deposit slip with your complete name through e-mail at
11. Wait for confirmation through e-mail with your official receipt
12. To check if you are officially enrolled, log-in to your ONLINE SIAS account.
13. Click “REPORTS” then “ENROLLED SUBJECTS”. ( Note: A remark “OFFICIALLY ENROLLED” appears)
14. To print your copy, click “PDF”.
15. Process enrolment in the CROWDSOURCING LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. Refer to the step-by-step procedure to be posted in the ULS Website.

Note: If you cannot process your enrolment through ONLINE SIAS, please send an email to or text/call 0926-642-1940.