Student Services and Affairs

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The office of Student Services and Affairs is instrumental in the co-curricular formation of students geared towards Christian leadership excellence and social responsibility, holistic development in spiritual, cultural, sports activities as well as in their respective clubs and organizations.


The department of student services and affairs commits to provide efficient services and support programs through paricipative programs through participative endeavors and guided activities that enhance the students’ educational and personal goals.

The Human Development Center commits to the total development of all members of the Salettinian Community by promoting a healthy atmosphere where each person can become an authentic individual with reconciling heart.

The Office of the Sports Coordinator commits to the total physical development of the members of the Salettinian Community through the various sports activities that inculcate the values of fair play, perseverance, cooperation, teamwork and sportsmanship.

The Office of the Prefect of Discipline commits to the development of responsible, value-oriented and discipline students through transformative programs and services.

The Christian formation department commits to deeper the faith lives of the University of La Salette pilgrim community through immersion in word and sacraments so that each maybe witness of God’s reconciling love.

The office of the Cultural Coordinator commits to affirm the students’ creativity through program that promote and preserve our heritage as people.

The office of the Student Executive Council commits to empower students through strategies that promotes, protect and uphold the rights and responsibilities of their curricular and non-curricular interests.

Goals and Objectives

The primary goal of the Department of Student Services and Affairs is to cultivate among the Salettinian members a climate where students can grow in inner freedom as disciples of Jesus Christ.


  1. To coordinate co-curricular activities in order to ensure unity, sequence and relevance to curriculum and make recommendation to the department heads/academic deans student activities which will enrich support and deepen instructional program of the University.
  2. To prepare, in collaboration of the department heads, a master schedule of activities to avoid conflicts in time, use of facilities, schedule of assignments, and the like.
  3. To prepare annual budget proposal based on its programs and services to the Finance and budget committee of the University.