Public Health, Nursing, and Midwifery

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Public Health and Midwifery

      • Develop Christian, Filipino Catholic midwives who shall commit themselves to the celebration of faith-life as a community and society they serve;
      • foster in its graduates foundation in humanistic and Spiritual values and social conscience which will serve as their anchorage when confronted with decision of human life; and
      • provide graduates with basic scientific technical and medical skills needed in the delivery of health care services.


      • foster in its graduates leadership qualities, self-discipline and Christian values in the application of nursing skills and theories;
      • develop in its graduates caring attitudes, mature personality and optimism to serve man, his family and community; and
      • train graduates who can promote advancement of nursing knowledge and skills through the application of problem-solving techniques, research studies, continuing education through attendance of seminars symposia and other undertakings that promote growth and development.
      • equip its graduates the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes for the preservation, promotion, restoration of health and alleviation of sufferings;