Christian Formation Department

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The University of La Salette is the first Catholic Institution in Santiago City. It aims to uphold a philosophy of life rooted in God’s reconciling love and enriched by prayers, zeal, and penance.

WESTY are the services rendered by the Christian Formation department. Worship for Eucharistic Celebration and Sacrament and sacramental. Evangelization is the Catechetical Instruction in Public school/barangay. Service gives opportunities to experience of reflection and sharing through Retreat and Recollections and Spiritual Direction. Temporalities and Youth refer to the youth participation in the different youth spiritual clubs here in the university.

The department keeps on nurturing and molding the youth with the values of Christ.

The Christian Formation Department aims to empower the Salettinian community as a family of believers through spiritual and religious formation and the promotion of faith. It also aims to help form the student leaders to have integrity and social responsibility. To ensure that the University pursues the spiritual and religious aspects of the Vision and Mission by facilitating the faith development of its Catholic members and by sustaining the genuine Christian community in the University through the implementation of spiritually oriented programs and activities.

Programs and Services:

  1. A faith development program which includes recollections from 1st to fifth year students, retreats, and prayer sessions.
  2. Community celebrations like University masses and liturgical services.
  3. Formation programs for the Religious Organizations, students, Faculty and ULS Employees.
  4. Spiritual formations to other institutions outside the University when requested.