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The Instructional Media Center (IMC) is taking action towards supporting flexible learning in the new normal by offering the following services:


A. Online Library Services

1. Library Social Media Accounts: The Library created a social media account since many of our clients are active online. Through the social media  accounts/page links to the open educational resources or (OER) will be posted therein. Like the page for updates regarding library services.

F. B.                : ULS IMC College Dept

FB Page          : ULS IMC College Department


Gmail              : [email protected]

E-mail              : [email protected]

2. E-Book collection

Open your web browser and go to click the login button and type the Username and password in the box

Username: [email protected]

Password: ulsi103ebooks

In the subject tab, select the subject category.

Subject Category

  1. Business management and Economics
  2. Tourism and Hotel Management
  3. Geography and Geology
  4. Medical Science
  5. Law, Criminology and Forensic
  6. Pharmaceutical Sciences
  7. Social Science and Humanities – Education
  8. Social Science and Humanities – Political Science
  9. Social Science and Humanities – Psychology
  10. Social Science and Humanities – Philosophy and Religion
  11. Social Science and Humanities – History, Architecture and Archaeology
  12. Engineering and Technology – Mechanical Engineering
  13. Engineering and Technology – Computer Science & Information Technology
  14. Engineering and Technology – Electronics and Communication & Electrical Engineering
  15. Engineering and Technology – Civil Engineering

When you choose a subject category, you’ll be sent straight to the e-book collection that the ULS Library has purchased.

3. Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching, learning and research materials in any medium – digital or otherwise – that reside in the public domain or have been released under an open license that permits no-cost access, use, adaptation, and redistribution others with no or limited restrictions.

OER form part of open solutions, alongside Free and open Source software (FOSS), Open Access (O.A.), Open Data (O.D.), and crowd sourcing platforms.

Here are the links of the OER (Open Educational Resources). And it’s free and accessible.































4. LIS online

Open your web browser and go to ULS Website ( in the menu tab, select CONNECT. In the drop down menu, select LIS online. On the next page click Search Collection then you can search the book that you need. If it is available in LIS online get the call no. and title of the book then send on the F.B. Page of ULS Library (ULS IMC College Department) for borrowing of Digital copy/Scan copy or  on Print.

B. Library Materials available for pick up by appointment:

  • Items shelved at “Reserve section, General collection, Filipiniana section, Fictions are available for this service.
  • Not all items found in the “Reference Section” is available for these services (ex. Encyclopedia, Dictionary, etc.) You may inquire from the librarian in this section.

Check the posted lists of available titles at “Reserve Section, General Collection, Filipiniana Section, and Fictions” at the official Facebook Page of the Library @ ULS IMC College Department or through the LIS online.

  • Digital items and digital contents can be viewed directly online.
  • The library provides remote access to FREE E-books, Journals, and internet links available at the official Facebook page of the library.


Revised Policies for Flexible Learning

A. Students

1. Walk-in Client

  • Students can borrow books for one (1) week
  • 2 Filipiniana/2 General collection
  • Whether Filipiniana or General Collection (books borrowed should be returned on its due date). No fines shall be implemented for over-due books with valid reasons.

2. Online Client:

  • They can visit the F. B. page or e-mail the library for the materials they need “if available for reservation”
  • The Digital Materials/Soft copy will be sent thru the F. B. page or e-mail “if available”.

B. Faculty

1. Walk-in Client

  • Faculty can borrow ten (10) books for one (1) month if the book/s has numerous copies; if limited in number, the faculty are advised to borrow the book for one (1) week only.

2. Online client

  • They can visit the F. B. page or e-mail the library for the materials they need “if available for reservation”
  • The Digital Materials/Soft copy will be sent thru the F. B. page or e-mail “if available”.

C. Requirements for borrowing of books

  • Students must present their Assessment or validation of enrollment and I.D. to the person-in-charge for issuing borrowers’ cards.
  • Students are allowed to come to the library for the borrowing of books purposes only and with GCQ/MGCQ pass requirements.

Note: Reserve collection is for faculty users only. Members of the faculty who are working inside the University is advice to visit the library to borrow library materials. For faculty working at home, you can visit the F. B. page or e-mail us for queries and reservations of available materials in the library.

D. Requirement for sending the SCAN Materials (students)

  • The Person –in-charge will check on Online SIAS if the client is enrolled for this A.Y. 2020-2021. (1st  Semester)
  • The Client is advised to send his/her I.D. no for verification.
  • The client is advised to send his/her e-mail address.

Note: reserve collection can be digitized for the users. Digital materials can be visible on the F.B. page for 3 days only.

E. Procedures on how to Borrow a Book/s

1. Students shall request the book/s through F.B. page of library or through e-mail

2. Students shall provide the necessary information to the person-in-charge, like title of books to be borrowed.

3. The person-in-charge will check the book if it is available.

4. The Person-in-charge will inform the students if they can borrow the books (Digital copy or Print)

F. Library services lending policies

Distance lending policies vary depending on the availability of books to be loaned.

1. If the item is available, it will be distributed to the students within the day or two (2) days.

2. if it is unavailable at the time it was booked, we will spend 3 to 5 working days attempting to source it before contacting you; library personnel will inform you through e-mail or Messenger of F.B. page.

3. Student can check through F.B. page and LIS online of the available list of title at the Reserve Section, General Collection, Filipiniana Section and Fiction.

4. Other notice (recalls, overdue notices, etc.) will be sent by e-mail or text messages.

5. Materials delivered outside Santiago is placed in an envelope for security purposes.

6. The Students is responsible for the item borrowed from the time it was delivered to him/her until it has been retrieved at the ULS Library.

7. Students will be fined for damaged and lost items.

G. Books requested by the faculty for the Gradual Face to face Class

1. A list of books that will be used for the gradual face-to-face class will be provided or requested by the faculty in charge.

2. The books will be provided by the library personnel and placed in one area in the dormitory that can be accessed by the students.

3. If the students use the book/s, they will register in borrowed book form for monitoring of the collection.

4. Books will be returned to the library one week before the semester ends.