Angoluan ranks 3 in XTLE, 9 in RTLE nationwide

University of La Salette, Inc. graduate Ma. Sofia Czyrene Angoluan, resident of Jones, Isabela, is tagged as dual topnotcher for garnerning top three in December 2022 X-ray Technologist Licensure Examination, top nine in June 2023 Radiologic Technologist Licensure Examination, as released by Professional Regulation Commission.

During XTLE, ULS became third performing school in the Philippines with 80% university passing rate, 87.5% batch passing rate.

With 100% university passing rate during RTLE, it ranked first in Cagayan Valley, along with Saint Paul University Philippines–Tuguegarao.

“As a first taker dual topnotcher, I feel overwhelmed, I feel like a cloud has been holding me up until now because I never thought that if I persevered, I would be able to show what I can do with the help of the people who tirelessly supported me while I was studying at the University of La Salette until I took the board exam twice. I was able to pass and join the top, twice,” Angoluan said.

When asked what message she could give to aspiring Salettinians, she said that in order to achieve extraordinary things in life, one must dream, plan, and pursue them with enthusiasm.

“We must envision significantly, consider ambitiously, prefer the most effective ways, analyze twice, prepare properly, be determined, review consistently, execute successfully, and the victory is ours yours,” she added.

Program Coordinator Peter John Ventura said that it took seven years before they got consistency in producing above national passing rates in ULS as they paid attention to students’ academic needs through in-house reviews, guided by related frameworks and research.

“Weekly examinations also became a way for students to work under pressure with the mindset of being a winner – speak like a winner, act like a winner, work as a winner,” Ventura concluded.

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