The winning spirit is on!

The Salettinian community cheered their hearts out as they watched the ULS basketball team end the game versus La Patria College with the score of 96-84. During the first quarter of the game, Team ULS was already leading by 10 points, but then La Patria team displayed its strength to catch up with the score. However, the ULS team did not hold back amidst the surprise attack. They bounced back to regain the advantage. Argie Lemongco, Rolson Montero and Charles Fabros stood out of the game, wowing the audience with 3-point shots to get ahead of the opponents.

Teamwork, strategies, and the goal to win truly paid off as the ULS team was hailed as overall champion for PRISAA City Meet 2023.

            Kudos Team ULS! Keep the solidarity and winning spirit going!

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