ULS succeeds in 2022-2023 board exams

University of La Salette, Inc. succeeds in school year 2022-2023 board examinations of different programs, producing dual topnotcher and above-national passing rates.

            Following are colleges/departments with their respective licensure exams:

  • College of Accountancy (May 2023 Licensure Examination for Certified Public Accountants, 34.78% university passing rate, top 5 performing school in region 2)
  • College of Engineering and Architecture (November 2022 and April 2023 Civil Engineering Licensure Examinations, January and June 2023 Architecture Licensure Examinations)
  • College of Criminology (December 2022 Criminologist Licensure Examination)
  • College of Medicine and Allied Medical Programs (December 2022 X-ray Technologist Licensure Examination, 80% university passing rate, top 3 performing school in the Philippines, Ms. Sofia Angoluan, top 3 nationwide, March 2023 Medical Technology Licensure Examination, 87.50% first takers passing rate, April 2023 Pharmacy Licensure Examination, June 2023 Radiologic Technologist Licensure Examination, 100% university passing rate, top 1 performing school in region 2, Ms. Sofia Angoluan, top 9 nationwide)
  • College of Nursing, Public Health, and Midwifery (November 2022 Philippine Nurse Licensure Examination, 100% batch passing rate, April 2023 Midwifery Licensure Examination, 100% university passing rate, top 1 performing school in region 2)
  • College of Teacher Education (March 2023 Licensure Examination for Teachers, 46.43% elementary level university passing rate, 58.67% secondary level university passing rate)
  • College of Law (2022 Bar Examinations, 30.77% university passing rate)

“On behalf of the top administrators, I am really happy that we have been doing great in the last examinations across the different board programs. We we are so happy that our students are taking their academics seriously and it is an indicator that both the instructors and students are taking this seriously,” Vice President for Academic Affairs Madeilyn Estacio expressed in an interview.

It has always been a culture for Dr. Estacio to remind instructors that input is always equivalent to output, and according to her, success in these licensure examinations is manifestation of collaborative effort of administrators, college deans, program chairs, faculty, students, and parents who never fail to show support to their children.

Majority of students who took the board exams in 2022-2023 were pandemic babies, challenged by how the switch in modes of learning affected their performances.

“Failure to prepare, prepare to fail—these words are still living inside me. Right after graduation, instead of focusing on my reviews, I worked. In reality, I had no time to review due to my working schedule, but I found time little by little,” LET Passer and Former SEC President Emmanuel Panganiban expressed.

Despite challenges, Panganiban added that one thing should be at the core of everyone, “focus on the goal,” because no matter how stressful his/her environment is, if one is goal-oriented, he/she will pass.

“If you are challenged at the moment, stressed, or pressured, it is really there, but make your present situation is your inspiration — this is how I passed the board exam,” he concluded.

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